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Tuesday, July 18, 2017
6:30 p.m.


By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Brian Early, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By: Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
By:  Lilly Radack, Seacoast Online
By:  Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online

2017 Graduation

United States Senator Angus King
2017 Commencement Speaker
R.W. Traip Academy Graduation

Special Olympics

Special Olympics Rally
Mitchell School

Kittery OM Teams


Two of our Traip OM teams won their Division challenge (there were four different challenges to pick from; our two teams selected different challenges, so they were not competing against each other).  

They will now head to the State tournament in Biddeford April 1st.  The Traip teams are very, very well coached and they were well prepared for the competition.   These students have benefited from years of OM tournaments here in Maine and at the Worlds (last year in Iowa).  Their coaches are Dianne Fallon, Jeff Clifford, Karen Matso, and Caroline Campbell.  They are volunteers who have committed many, many hours to this program.

OM is creative problem-solving in its purest form.  It is student-driven and captures the 4 C's perfectly (creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking). 

Policy JICK - Bullying

The Policy Committee asks for your written comments on the  policy below.  Please review this policy and return your comments to Donna at dschoff@kitteryschools.com by Friday, July 7th.   Policy development is a critical function of the School Committee.  Policies are the framework within which the School Department operates.  For this reason, we value your input throughout the policy development process.  Your comments make a difference.  Thank you for your time.

Welcome Marcelle!

Marcelle Durost selected as 

Horace Mitchell Interim Principal

Kittery, ME - The Kittery School Committee is pleased to announce that Marcelle Durost has been selected as the Horace Mitchell Interim Principal starting July 1, 2017. She will be replacing David Foster, who will be retiring as a Maine educator after 27 dedicated years at Horace Mitchell School.

Later School Start Info

Later Start Times/Research and Planning

February 22, 2017

The Kittery School Department is beginning a conversation regarding starting school later in the 2018-19 school year. Over the next few months, parent, staff, student and community forums will be held and information will be shared to help everyone better understand the issue.

This site and Channel 22 will be used to share information with the public. Please check back regularly since the site will be up-dated frequently with new information.

Thank you.

 Plan and Timeline (February 2017) 

Adolescent Sleep & School Start Times

School Bus Drivers Needed

Ledgemere Transportation

Free CDL Training Classes
PT schedule 20-30- hours a week
Perfect for stay-at-home parents & retirees

Call Brian Trafton at 439-1941 or

Healthy Kids' Snacks

Snacks are a bigger part of kids' diets than in the past.  Snacks can make positive or negative contributions to kids' diets - depending on the choices we offer.  Next time your children say, "I'm hungry," or if you need to get them through to the next meal, reach for one of these healthy snacks.