On behalf of the Kittery School Department, thank you for serving as a substitute teacher.

 To begin the application process you will need to:
  • Complete and sign the district substitute application
  • Attach all requested documents
  • Complete all necessary payroll forms
  • Submit a copy of your fingerprinting card or register online for fingerprinting.  If you register online, print                                                                 your confirmation and submit this with your paperwork

Once all paperwork is processed at Central Office, you will receive a call from Carol Lombardi, Substitute Coordinator.

General Information For Substitutes

REPORT to the main office thirty (30) minutes before class begins and identify yourself, the name of the teacher you are replacing, and the subject/grade you will be covering for the day.

REVIEW plans and make sure all necessary information is available.  If you cannot find the lesson plans, contact the main office to see if they have an emergency lesson plan available.  Substitute teachers are expected to follow the lesson plan and maintain classroom decorum.

ADDITIONAL duties (lunchroom duty, bus monitoring, etc.) may have been assigned to the teacher you are replacing for the day.  Part of the substitute's job is to perform any duty assigned to that teacher or staff member.  Contact the main office for any additional assigned duties.

At the END of the day, leave the room in good order, returning all materials to the proper places.  Make certain that students have picked up their belongings.  Close all windows and shut off lights.   Report to the main office to checkout with the secretary or principal and complete any necessary paperwork (time slip, etc.).

As a SUBSTITUTE, you are a member of our professional community.  Any information regarding students and staff is to be treated as strictly confidential.