Ledgemere Transportation
1025 US Route 1, York, Maine 03909
(207) 439-1941
(207) 363-1555

August 26, 2021

Meet Our Bus Drivers

Eric Boucher ~ Terminal Manager
Terminal Manager for Ledgemere Transportation Company’s York terminal, which handles transportation for both York School Department and Kittery School District.  Eric has 20 years in the transportation industry and truly enjoys working with  his team of school bus drivers.  He states this diverse group of drivers truly love what they do, which makes his job that much more satisfying.  Eric has three children ages 22, 14, and 12.  He enjoys working in his garage 'tinkering' on race cars. 

Greg Leach  ~   Bus 1
Likes to be called "Greg"
Years of experience:  6
Enjoys traveling in Europe.

Roger Wharton - Bus 11
Years of experience:  2
Enjoys surfing, skiing, cycling, and time with family.

Roland Cooper  ~  Bus 14
Sorry, no photo at this time

Linda Haigh-Herdt - Bus 9 
Likes to be called:  "Linda"

Tiffany French ~  Bus 12
Sorry, no photo at this time

Bob Tarbox  ~ Activities Driver
Likes to be called "Bob"
Years of experience:  7
Enjoys golf, museums, and his grandchildren. 

Joe Ponte ~ Bus 10
Likes to be called:  "Joe"

Nick Casceillo  ~ Bus 13
Likes to be called:  Nick

Richard Bach ~ SRTC
Likes to be called "Mr. Rick" or Rick
Years of experience:  7
Enjoys motorcycling and kayaking
Sanford Regional Technical Center Driver