Cancel/Delay Information

Parents are notified of emergency announcements by an automated calling system "School Messenger".  The Superintendent decides if the announcement needs to be sent via email, home phone or all phones listed in the student information database. 

In the event of our schools will be closed for the day/delayed opening, or in case of an emergency situation, please check the district website for information unless there is a technical difficulty.  Below is a list of television stations announcing the closing or delayed opening.

The Superintendent of Schools carefully monitors the weather, especially during the snow/ice season.
To open or close schools during the winter season is always a very difficult decision.
Safety of all our children is our primary concern.
  Parents/guardians should also review their own situation
 to determine if they should send their children to school.
Snow and extremely cold temperatures sometimes will cause buses to run late. 
Have your children appropriately dressed during the cold, snowy winter season.

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