District Profile

The Kittery School Department is governed by a School Committee of seven (7) members.  They are elected at-large from the entire community.  Kittery, with approximately 9,400 residents, is operated by a seven (7) member Town Council and a Town Manager.

The School Department is administered by the Superintendent of Schools, Human Resource Manager, Business Manager, Curriculum/Technology Coordinator, Director of Special Services, Principals at each of the three schools, Adult Education Director and Maintenance Director.

The Town of Kittery supports life-long learning in its Kindergarten through Adult Education students.  The Kittery School Department reflects this support through a spectrum of learning opportunities to meet the individual needs of all students in regular education and special programs.  The Kittery School Committee strives to ensure that the best qualified staff work with our youth.  

Enrollment for the 2013-14 school year stands at 1058 for K-12.  The average pupil/teacher ratio in all classes is very conducive to an excellent education.  Additionally, there are educational technicians who work with regular and special needs children, and support staff in the secretarial, food service and custodial areas.  Kittery students continue to achieve well on a variety of measures.  In addition to the academic achievements, Kittery continues to excel at a full range of co-curricular activities including sports, theatrical/musical presentations and academic competition.